Why Is My Chicken Sneezing? How to Identify and Treat a Suffering Chicken

It’s a beautiful day outside and you’re outside, enjoying the fresh air. Suddenly, your chicken sneezes! There are some things to know about this mysterious event. A bird sneezing is not something that should cause concern for the owner of the chicken. In most cases, it’s nothing to worry about.

However, if there are any signs of illness, the first thing to do would be to make sure that the chicken is comfortable and safe from harm.

This article will help you identify the cause and find a solution for your chicken. It will also provide tips on how to identify if your chicken is suffering from a more serious condition.

Why Are My Chickens Sneezing?

A bird sneezing may not be a cause for concern, but if your chicken sneezes and has any of the symptoms below, it’s worth investigating further.

– The chicken is gasping or breathing shallowly

– They are having difficulty breathing

– The chicken has diarrhea

– There is mucus coming out of the nose or mouth

What To Do If Your Chicken Is Sneezing?

If your chicken is sneezing, there are a few things to consider. First, make sure that the chicken is comfortable and safe from harm. If you have any signs of illness, it’s important to take care of your chicken.

If your chicken is not comfortable and safe from harm, you should go to a vet for treatment. Chickens typically sneeze when they’re sick because their nose gets irritated from the mucus in their lungs.

This can be difficult for chickens to handle, so it’s important that you keep an eye out for the following symptoms:

1) Droopy eyes

2) Swollen eyelids

3) Discharge from the nose and eyes

4) Panting

5) Lethargy

The Causes Of The Chicken Sneezing

Sneezing is usually caused by a bird’s respiratory system being irritated. This could be due to an acute upper respiratory infection, adenovirus, or coryza.

Additionally, the sneezing could also be caused by the bird’s condition not being well maintained. For example, if the chicken has a cold and has been cooped up for a long time with no access to fresh air, it can cause the bird to sneeze.

Another cause of the sneezing might be from some type of bacterial or viral infection that is present in their eyes. The most common causes of this are conjunctivitis and tracheobronchitis. If you’re uncertain what is causing your chicken’s sneezing, take it to see a vet right away!

Symptoms of a Suffering Chicken

The first and most obvious symptom of a suffering chicken is a sneezing fit. In some cases, this could also be accompanied by a coughing fit. If the chicken is sneezing but not coughing, then it’s likely that the bird has an upper respiratory infection. This can be treated with antibiotics.

If the chicken is coughing, then it’s likely that the animal is suffering from bronchitis. The best way to treat this would be by giving the chicken antibiotics or having a vet examine it to determine if there are specific treatments needed.

Ways to Identify and Treat a Suffering Chicken

The most obvious sign that a chicken is suffering is that it’s sneezing. This could also be accompanied by coughing, a wet nose, and a runny nose.

If your chicken is sneezing, you should check their general health to make sure that they are comfortable and safe. Make sure they have access to food and water, are warm enough, and are not in any pain. Part of checking the overall health of your chicken includes looking at their eyes for signs of infection or irritation.

If there’s anything wrong with their eyes, you should take them to the vet for treatment immediately.

Another important part of making sure your bird has good health is checking its feet for injuries or signs of illness as well as its body weight to see if it’s gaining or losing weight too quickly for its own good.

When treating the symptoms of a suffering chicken, try giving them some peppermint tea or vodka mixed in water. This will help to reduce congestion in the lungs if they’re congested from a sneeze attack. For more serious cases of illness such as pneumonia, you’ll need to get them to a vet as soon as possible

Chicken Sneezing And Should You Be Concerned?

When a chicken sneezes, it usually means that the chicken is comfortable and safe. However, if there are any signs of illness, the first thing to do would be to make sure that the chicken is comfortable and safe from harm. Here are some other symptoms of a suffering chicken and ways to identify and treat them.

Chicken sneezing can result in a variety of different symptoms including:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Droppings that are slightly elevated in height and/or in number (fecal diarrhea)
  • Scratching at the area around their vent
  • Sneezing more often than usual


Chicken sneezing is usually not an issue to worry about. However, if the sneezing is accompanied by an illness, it should be checked out.