Can Guinea Fowl Fly?

Guinea fowl are very good at flying. They fly well when they want to get away from predators and they also use their wings to attack other birds. This is because they have strong, sharp spurs on the front of their legs that can be used as weapons. These are some of the best hunters in the world and each bird has a pair of spurs on each leg.

Guinea Fowl In The Wild

Guinea fowl in the wild live in small flocks and are ground-dwellers. They can live up to nine years, have a lifespan of about ten months, and reach a size of around 16 inches. They love to eat grasses, seeds, nuts, fruit, and insects.

Guinea fowl are best known for their ability to fly. These birds have wings that are made for flying as they have sharp spurs on the front of their legs that can be used as weapons. When something approaches them from above or below they can use these wings to fly away from it. They also use their wings to attack other birds on the ground or when they’re flying at high speeds. This is how they hunt and usually fly at high speeds when they’re hunting so that predators don’t catch them.

Guinea fowls live in small flocks in the wild and are ground-dwellers like most birds in this world. They tend to eat plants like grasses, seeds, nuts, fruit, and insects because these plants offer them nutrients without exposing them to predators on land or in the air. Guinea fowls grow slowly but live long lives of up to 10 months with a lifespan between 10-15 years and reach a size of around 16 inches which makes them one of the smaller species of birds in this world.

How Do Guinea Fowl Fly?

Guinea fowl use their wings and strong legs to fly. They flap their wings hard in order to gain speed, which is important for them to be able to take off from the ground. It has a powerful wing stroke: about 70 times per second, so it can accelerate quickly and stay airborne for long periods of time. Even though they seem heavy, they are actually very lightweight.

Guinea fowl also have strong legs so they can “hop” while in flight. When they hop, they propel themselves forward with the help of their strong leg muscles. Guinea fowl have been known to jump up to 20 feet (6 meters) in a single bound! The force that guinea fowl exert when they hop is equivalent to jumping into the air from a height of 50 feet (15 meters).

The Flight Pattern Of a Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowl are very fast, but they can’t fly long distances. Their wings are designed for short bursts of speed and so they don’t usually have the ability to fly long distances. They can fly up to about six meters high, but if a predator is in front of them then they will usually just take off and run away.

If a guinea fowl is being chased by a predator, it will usually just go straight up and stay up there until the danger has passed.

How Effective Are Spurs For Hunting?

Guinea fowl have spurs that can be very effective weapons, but they are not the only things that guinea fowl use to hunt. They also have a long beak that is covered in sharp spines which can pierce through the tough skin of their prey. Also, guinea fowls have scent glands on the crown of their head which they use to lure other birds in, and then they steal their food while they’re distracted.

Guinea fowl like to eat fruit from trees and bushes so when they attack other birds, they often land on the ground after stabbing with their spurs.

Can Baby Guinea Fowl Fly?

Guinea fowl can’t fly when they are babies. At this age, their wings are not developed enough to be able to take flight. They will only be able to flap their wings, but won’t be able to lift themselves off the ground.

How Do You Keep Guinea Fowl From Flying Away?

One way to keep guinea fowl from flying away is to cover up their wings. The best way to do this is by using thick, sturdy wire mesh that completely covers the bird’s wings and prevents them from cropping.

Wire mesh can also be wrapped around the bird’s legs if you want to prevent them from escaping. This type of netting can be used over a cage or aviary as well.


Guinea fowl can fly and these birds are known for their ability to fly long distances at high speeds. Guinea fowl have the ability to fly up to an estimated 20 miles per hour and have a natural flight pattern.