Can You Hatch Supermarket Eggs?

Almost everyone that buys eggs will usually get them from the supermarket. For that reason, you may be wondering if you can hatch supermarket eggs.

So, can you hatch supermarket eggs? It’s highly unlikely that the eggs you’ve bought from the supermarket will hatch. Most of the eggs are from hens that are raised specifically for the purpose of laying eggs. The hens will not have a rooster around them, so it’s unlikely the eggs will be fertilized. You need the eggs to be fertilized for them to have a chance to hatch.

Why Do Store-Bought Eggs Not Hatch?

There are several reasons why eggs bought from the store will not hatch.

The first reason is that the eggs are not fertilized. In order for the egg to hatch into a chick, it will need to be fertilized by a rooster first.

The second reason is the eggs will need to be incubated at around 100 degrees Fahrenheit for 21 days. Once the eggs reach the store, they will be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator. For that reason, the temperature is not hot enough to incubate the eggs.

Why Supermarket Eggs Are Not Fertilized?

Eggs that are sold at the supermarket are not fertilized for a reason. On the farms, the hens are raised to lay eggs so that they can be sold.

Therefore, there are no roosters allowed to be around the hens. The hens will lay eggs regardless if there is a rooster or not.

Once the eggs are laid, it’s collected by the farm, packaged, and ship to the supermarket.

Where Can You Buy Fertilized Hatching Eggs?

If you’re planning to hatch chicks, you’ll need to buy hatching eggs. There are places where you can buy them and hatch them at home.

Some popular places to buy hatching eggs are:

Besides buying hatching eggs, you’ll need to buy equipment as well. This includes an incubator, brooder, heat lamp, and bedding. If you’re planning to hatch chicks, you need to be prepared first. If not, after the chicks hatch, they are at risk of getting sick or could even die from not being prepared.

Eggs Need To Be Incubated if You Want Them To Hatch

If you want to hatch chicks, they will need to be incubated for around 21 days. It could be less or a little longer, but 21 days is usually the average for chicks to fully develop and hatch from their egg.

Incubation is important for chicks to develop. By incubating the eggs, it provides the chicken with the warmth which will help stimulate the embryo to grow.

Also, the temperature will need to be at the proper level for the embryo to develop. The temperature will need to be around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Without an incubator, this will almost be impossible to achieve. The other way is to have a hen incubate the eggs.

Can You Eat Fertilized Eggs?

Yes, you can eat fertilized eggs. Actually, most people will eat fertilized eggs without even knowing it.

The only thing may notice about fertilized eggs is when you crack them open to find the embryo has started to form.

In some countries, especially in Southeast Asia, fertilized eggs are a popular delicacy. When the chick is formed, usually around 14-21 days, it will be eaten. This is known as balut. A balut egg is usually steamed and then cracked open and eaten.

It’s important to note that eating fertilized eggs is safe. If you buy eggs that came from a free-range farm and roosters are present, there’s a good chance the eggs will be fertilized.

How Can You Tell if an Egg Is Fertilized?

When it comes to determining if the egg is fertilized, you can use a technique called ‘candling’.

Candling involves holding the egg up to a light, so you can see the inside of the egg. You can see if there is an embryo in the egg are not. If you see an embryo, it means the egg is fertilized.

Below is a video of how to candle an egg:



It’s not possible to hatch eggs bought at the supermarket. The eggs that are sold commercially in grocery stores are mostly from poultry farms and have not been fertilized. Since most poultry farms produce chickens for the purpose of laying eggs, they will not keep any roosters around. Without a rooster, it will be impossible for the egg to hatch into a chick.