Do You Need a Rooster for Hens to Lay Eggs?

Some chicken owners will raise chickens for fresh eggs, while others will raise them to have more chickens. In either case, you may wonder if a rooster is needed for hens to lay eggs.

So, do you need a rooster for hens to lay eggs? Chickens will lay eggs regardless if there is a rooster or not. When the hen reaches around 18 weeks of age, most breeds will start to lay eggs. If you want the eggs to be fertilized so a chick will hatch, a rooster is needed.

How Do Chickens Lay Eggs Without a Rooster?

A healthy chicken will lay eggs every day, whether there is a rooster or not. Chicken is constantly ovulating and forming eggs.

They will lay eggs that are unfertilized, which means the eggs will never hatch. Once the hen lays the egg in the nest, they will abandon it without a care.

Some hens will sit in the nest until they lay an egg. Once it’s laid, they will abandon it and move on.

In some cases, a hen might become a broody. This means the hen will lay a clutch of eggs and sit on them until they hatch, even though they will never.

Unfortunately, the hen doesn’t know if the eggs are fertilized or not. If you don’t have any rooster around and the hen is broody, make sure to remove the eggs. Broody hens are known to sit on the eggs for weeks, which could cause them health issues due to not eating or drinking much.

How Can You Tell if Chicken Eggs Are Fertilized?

If there’s a rooster that is part of the flock, more than likely the eggs that the hen lay will be fertilized.

After the rooster mate with a hen, the sperm will be deposited, which will fertilize the egg.

Once the egg is laid, the hen will need to keep the egg warm for about 21 days. This is the amount of time needed to incubate the eggs, so they will hatch.

You can simply tell if the egg is fertilized by looking at the yolk of the egg. If there is a small white circle, the egg is fertilized and has the chance of hatching a chick. The circle is called the Germinal Disc, which is where the cells will start to develop and multiply to form an embryo.

Can You Eat Fertilized Chicken Eggs?

Yes, you can eat fertilized chicken eggs. If the eggs have not developed into an embryo yet, it’s the same as an unfertilized egg.

In order for the eggs to form into a chick, there is one factor that’s required. The temperature needs to be around 37-38 °C/100 °F. If the temperature isn’t within this range, the cells within the yolk will not multiply.

Do Hens Lay Better With a Rooster Around?

Some chicken owners claim that having a rooster around will make the hen lay more eggs. On the other hand, others don’t see any difference in egg production without a rooster.

When a rooster is part of the flock, he is at the top pecking order. This will help keep the flock in order. The hens will usually stay around the rooster for protection.

Throughout the day, the rooster will mate with the hens. When they are finished, the hen will go back to what they were doing.

Without a rooster around, the hens will usually forage and do things on their own.

Should You Get a Rooster?

It will depend on what you’re planning to do with the eggs. If you’re raising hens for their eggs, you don’t need a rooster.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to have baby chickens, a rooster is needed.

Another consideration is where you live. In some areas, there are restrictions in place for roosters.

Roosters are noisy animals. They tend to crow loudly throughout the day. The noise they make can be irritating for most people.


For the hen to lay eggs, a rooster is not needed. Once they are old enough, the hen will start to lay eggs daily. The eggs that they lay will be unfertilized, which means they will not form into a chick.

On the other hand, if the rooster is part of the flock, the hen will still lay eggs. However, the eggs will more likely become fertilized, which means they can form a chick.