Can Roosters Live Alone?

Chickens are social animals, and they like to live in large groups, known as a flock. Being together will help keep them safe from predators. Usually in a flock, there will be a rooster that looks over the flock. However, what if the rooster becomes too aggressive, and they need to be separated. Would they be able to live alone?

So, can roosters live alone? Yes, roosters can live alone. However, they rather be around hens, which will make them happier. If the rooster is provided with plenty of space and activities to keep them busy, they should be fine living alone.

Most people will usually not own a rooster unless they have other chickens as well. Roosters tend to be very noisy and sometimes can be very aggressive. After all, the rooster’s main job is to protect their flock, and they will do it at all cost, even if it means costing them their life.

If you do have a rooster, there may be times when they will need to be separated due to aggression. This will end up leaving the rooster alone.

In this short guide, I’ll go through the reasons why you may need to separate the rooster from the flock and how to remedy the aggressive behavior.

Reasons Why You Might Want to Separate a Rooster

Roosters Can Be Aggressive With Other Chickens

Roosters can sometimes be aggressive with other chickens. Their job as a rooster is to protect the hens at all cost. Sometimes, the rooster takes their job too far.

They may end up hurting the hen. This is when you need to separate the rooster from the flock.

Roosters Can Be Aggressive With Humans

Not just with chickens, but roosters can be aggressive with humans as well. When a rooster is about to attack, they will use their spurs as a weapon. The spurs are sharp, which can pierce human skin easily.

If the rooster is attacking you every time you go near them, it’s best to move them somewhere else.

You Might Not Want Fertilized Eggs

Eggs need to be fertilized in order for them to hatch. For this to happen, the rooster needs to mate with the hen.

If you don’t want baby chickens, you will need to remove the rooster from the flock.

Constant Mating Can Be a Problem

When hens are around a rooster, they tend to constantly mate. This can be a problem for some hen when it becomes too much.

The rooster will mount on the hen and dig his spurs into her side and using his beak to grab the neck. Mating will usually last for a few seconds.

After mating, the hen may end up with missing feathers, cuts on the body, and stress.

Do Roosters Get Lonely Without Hens?

Having a flock of hens will make the rooster happy. Their main job is to protect the hens from danger and for mating.

Without a flock of hens around, the rooster will obviously become lonely.

Chickens are social creatures, whether it’s the hen or rooster. When in a flock, they will form a pecking order where each chicken has a different role of responsibility.

This is what the chickens are used to for millions of years. Once the rooster is removed from the flock, they will get lonely.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to have hens for the rooster to prevent loneliness. There are other things you can do to keep that from happening.

You’ll need to provide the rooster with plenty of space to move around. Also, there should be activities for them to do to keep them busy.

Can You Tame and Rehabilitate an Aggressive Rooster?

If you have an aggressive rooster, it may not be that easy to tame them.

When trying to tame an aggressive rooster, it will take a lot of time and effort.

The first thing you need to do is separate them from the flock. You can place them in a pen or tie a rope to one of their feet and the other end to a pole.

By keeping the rooster by himself, it will help prevent him from being aggressive.

You’ll need to show the rooster who is at the higher end of the pecking order. Once they know who is the dominant one, they will start to be less aggressive at you and other chickens.

There are few things you can do to train them to become less aggressive. Below are a couple of things you can do:

Don’t stare or walk him down when approaching him. If you do, the rooster will see this as a challenge and will go into fight mode.

Back away quickly when the rooster is about to attack. An aggressive rooster will attack everything that gets in their way. Look at his body language and if there’s a clear sign that the rooster is about to attack, move away.

Restrain the rooster. If the rooster does attack you, pick him up quickly with both hands and hold him toughly. Be careful when doing this as the rooster can seriously injure you.

Below is a video that goes more into details explaining how to deal with an aggressive rooster:


Roosters can live alone and they will be happy. However, you’ll need to make sure that they have plenty of space to roam and there are a lot of activities for them to keep themselves busy with. If not, the rooster will become bored and lonely, which will lead to stress.