Do All Roosters Have Spurs?

If you have backyard chickens, you’ll probably have one or two roosters. You’ve probably seen the long claw-like thing sticking out of the back of their leg. Those are called spurs. One of the roosters may have spurs, while the other doesn’t.  You may wonder if all roosters have spurs.

Do all roosters have spurs? Yes, all roosters will have spurs. However, some roosters will have spurs that are short and others will have long spurs. There are some breeds that have spurs, but you won’t be able to see them.

Why Do Roosters Have Spurs?

Roosters have spurs for two reasons, which are to use as a weapon and for mating.

It’s very hard and has a sharp tip. A common weapon that it’s similar to is a spear. These spurs are located on the back of their legs and protruding downward.

When it comes to using them as a weapon, these spurs can be deadly. When the rooster is fighting each other or defending themselves from a predator, they will flap their wings to give them some lift first. Then they’ll extend their legs out first with their spurs with a stabbing motion.

If the spurs reach deep enough, it could be enough to kill their intended victim. The spurs can also do a lot of damage as well. It can scratch their opponent which causes them to bleed.

Do All Roosters Have Spurs?

Not all roosters have spurs. Some roosters have spurs that are long, others will have short spurs, and some will not have any visible spurs.

When it comes to spurs, it depends on the breed of chicken.

All roosters will start to develop a bump where it will grow into a spur. From there, the spurs will grow to a certain length.

For some rooster, the bump will not get started. It will remain as a bump on their legs for their entire life.

For other roosters, the spurs can grow to the point where it will cause them problems. It could grow too long where it will make it difficult for the rooster to walk.

Most of the time, due to genetics, the spurs will grow somewhere in between.

The spurs will grow to their full size within the first year of their lives.

At What Age Do Roosters Get Spurs?

The age that the roosters start to grow their spurs will depend on the breed and individual bird.

For the most part, you should expect their spurs to start developing at the age of 2-3 months. By the time they are 9 months, the spurs should be fully developed.

Again, at what age exactly will be dependent on the individual rooster. There are some that develop their spurs fully by the age of 3 months. Others will never fully develop a spur at all.

Will a Rooster Attack You With Their Spurs?

When it comes to attacking, it doesn’t matter if it’s an animal or a person. Roosters will attack everything and anything if they have to.

An attack by a rooster is usually one that is very aggressive. Unfortunately, this is all too common among roosters that are farm-raised.

The reason for their aggression is that roosters are territorial animals. They take their responsibility seriously when looking over their flock of hens.

When a rooster starts attacking you, it’s most likely to see you as a threat trying to harm their flock.

Of course, when rooster attacks, they will attack you with their spurs!

What To Do If a Rooster Spurs You?

If the rooster spurs you, and it’s a deep cut, you need to seek medical attention right away. Rooster spur wounds have a high chance of an infection.

Most of the time, you may require oral antibiotics or other treatments for the wounds.

On the other hand, if it’s a scratch or a small cut by the rooster’s spurs, you don’t need to seek medical attention. Immediately wipe the wounded area with alcohol or antiseptic wipe. This will kill any bacteria right away. Then apply a bandage to the wound.

Most Aggressive Breeds of Rooster

There are a lot of aggressive breeds of roosters that exist today. Most of these breeds are game birds, which means they are bred for cockfighting. This game is a dangerous sport where two roosters will fight each other to death. For the most part, their spurs will be used to injure one another until they are no longer able to fight or die.

Below are the 7 most aggressive breeds of roosters:

1. Malay Roosters

These roosters are originally from India and Asia. They were brought to England and bred to be cockfighting birds, which are generally very aggressive.

Also, Malay roosters are the biggest roosters in the world.

2. Old English Game Roosters

This is another breed of chickens that is bred specifically for cockfights. Both the roosters and hens are very aggressive, and they should not be put with any other breeds of chickens.

3. Cornish Chickens

Cornish chickens are mostly used for meat, but they are also very aggressive. These birds come from a cross between a Plymouth White Rock and the Cornish Chicken.

They are aggressive due to the breed being used in cockfighting.

4. Asil or Aseel Chickens

Asil chickens also spelled Aseel or Asli, is a very aggressive breed. These birds are widely popular in the cockfighting scene.

The roosters are very territorial and will fight other chickens to the death. For that reason, this breed should never be combined in flocks with other breeds.

Also, their aggression starts at a very young age. When they are chicks, they will often start fighting before they reach a week old.

5. Oriental Game Chickens

Oriental game chickens are bred for cockfights. They are also known as Oriental Fowls. These birds are popular to use in cockfights in Southeast Asia.

Oriental game chickens are fearless and will fight their opponent to the death. They can also fly which makes them even more dangerous.

This breed should never be included with any other breeds. More than likely, they will fight other chickens until one dies.

6. American Game Chickens

American game chickens were bred strictly for cockfighting. They are very territorial and aggressive to other breeds of chickens. Both roosters and hens are aggressive and should only be kept within their own breeds.

7. Modern Game Chickens

Modern game chickens have very bright-colored feathers, and they are very fierce. Both roosters and hens are aggressive and should not be allowed with other breeds.

Also, this breed is not great for new chicken owners. It will require a lot of skills to train them to be calmer.


As you can see, not all roosters will have spurs. It just all depends on the breeds and the individual bird. Most roosters will have spurs, but if you have one that doesn’t have spurs, it’s normal, and you don’t have anything to worry about.