Should Chicken Roosts Be Round Or Square? Exploring the Difference

Chicken roosts are commonly seen in barns, sheds, and chicken coops. They are usually round, but can sometimes be square. These design differences make it so a round or square chicken roost is designed for different purposes and in different environments.

A round chicken roost is easier to clean because you can’t miss the nooks and crannies in the bottom of the bowl that are hard to reach with a soapy sponge or scrubber. They also have more surface area to catch dirt and dust and therefore require less cleaning time than a square roost.

On the other hand, a square chicken roost provides better access to all angles of the perch which allows chickens to eat comfortably while they sleep.

But overall, one just needs to look at what they want their wood flooring or bird coop made of before choosing whether they need a round or square roost.

The Pros And Cons Of A Round Roost

Pros Of Round Chicken Roosts

Round chicken roosts provide a more natural feel in your chicken’s environment. It also provides them with a larger surface area, which will allow them to see what is going on around them and better interact with their surroundings.

Round chicken roosts are usually quieter and less damaging to the chickens’ feathers. Finally, round chicken roosts provide more space for the chickens to move around in.

Cons Of Round Chicken Roosts

Round chicken roosts are generally easier to clean and maintain than square chicken roosts. They also appear more natural for chickens. Because of these benefits, round chicken roosts have been more common in the last few years.

A disadvantage of round chicken roosts is that they are harder to place in a specific location because they lack straight edges. This means that it might be difficult to position them in locations such as along walls or on poles.

Another disadvantage of round chicken roosts is that they are larger and may require more space for your chickens to move about and lay eggs comfortably.

The Pros And Cons Of A Square Roost

Pros Of Square Chicken Roosts

Square chicken roosts are often considered more efficient and practical for the amount of space they occupy. They can be utilized in the same amount of square footage as round chicken coop without needing to make any extra room.

Another pro of a square design is that it provides more surface area for ventilation which allows for improved air circulation.

Additionally, square chicken roosts are easier to clean than round ones because it is much easier to pull out materials from a square-shaped opening than it is from a round one.

Lastly, square chicken roosts are more stable than round ones because of the fact that their shape allows for less potential for movement and shifting when compared with a circular shape.

Cons Of Square Chicken Roosts

When it comes to square chicken roosts, there are some cons.

The cons to a square chicken roost are that they typically require more space than round designs and they may be harder to clean.

In addition, square designs make it more difficult to fit with other features, such as nesting boxes, perches, and feeders.

Finally, chickens may be unable to maneuver corners on a square design easily.

The Trends In The Design Of Roost Shapes Over The Years

There have been many changes in design over the years, both in shapes and colors. The square shape was introduced in 2008 and has become the most popular shape for chicken coops.

It is typically seen as a sturdy and practical option, with its large surface area providing plenty of room for chickens to move around.

In contrast, the round shape is more sleek-looking with a minimalist design that easily fits into any backyard.

The square design has grown to be more popular amongst consumers due to its simple yet effective design, which provides plenty of room for chickens to move about without overcrowding. This design is also sturdy, convenient, and easy to maintain.

One drawback of the square design is that it does not provide as much ventilation as other shapes do since it is not possible to “open up” one side of the coop like you can with other shaped designs.


A round roost is often easier to build or find a place for. There may not be as many variations in a round roost as there would be in a square roost. But for the most part, round roosts are easier to move around and store. A round roost can also be more appealing to chickens because it can be made more interesting with features like a ramp, perches, and more.

If you’re looking to build a chicken coop, a round roost might be the better option for you because they are easier to build and find places for. But if you’re just looking to get your chickens started in their new coop, a square roost might be a better option because they are easier to move around and store.

A round chicken roost is the most popular shape today, but the square shape has been around for decades and is still considered the best shape for chickens.