Is It Safe To Feed My Chickens Table Scraps?

Feeding your poultry table scraps is a great way to save money and make sure your flock gets the nutrients they need to be healthy. However, it’s important to know that not all table scraps are safe for chickens. Some foods can damage their health or even kill them.

Is It Safe To Feed My Chickens Table Scraps?

The answer to this question depends on the type and amount of scraps you’re feeding your chickens.

If you have a small flock and are using table scraps sparingly, then it’s probably safe to feed them to your chickens.

However, if you have a large flock or regularly feed your chickens table scraps, they can cause health issues.

Chickens that eat too many carbohydrates like grains and vegetables may develop fatty liver disease, which is fatal in birds. They also can develop obesity and other illnesses associated with overfeeding.

Chickens are omnivores. This means they will eat anything. And, if you have been feeding your chickens table scraps, this is not a problem. But, there are some things to consider before feeding your chickens table scraps.

What Is the Problem With Feeding Table Scraps?

The problem with feeding table scraps is that they can make your flock less healthy and more prone to disease. Since chickens are omnivores, they will eat anything. Even if you feed them well, there is no guarantee that what they eat from their environment will be healthy for them. If you have ever seen a chicken run around after eating something gross in the yard, then you know what I mean!

Chickens are also very easy to overfeed when it comes to table scraps. If you give them too much of one thing or another, it can lead to digestive problems like diarrhea or even bloat (which is potentially fatal). There are also some foods that should never be fed to chickens because they could harm them or even kill them!

What Nutrition Do Chicken Require

Nutrition is an important part of raising chickens. It is important that they are fed the right food, at the right time, in order to grow healthy and strong

The main diet of a chicken should be corn or grains, with some protein and vitamins added. Feeding your chickens only grain will not provide them with the nutrients they need to stay healthy

When buying chicken feed make sure you buy high-quality feed that contains all of the essential nutrients for your chickens.

If there is a shortage of one type of nutrient in your area then it is best to buy a supplement that contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals that your chickens need.

What Kinds Of Table Scraps Can You Feed Your Chickens?

Chickens love a variety of foods, but some are better than others. Here are some items that can be fed to your flock:

Eggshells – Yes, egg shells are good for chickens! They contain calcium and other nutrients that help keep your hens healthy. Just grind them up and sprinkle them in their feed or scatter them on the ground.

Vegetable scraps – Vegetable scraps such as onion skins and carrot tops are great for your flock. They provide vitamins and minerals that the chickens need to stay healthy and strong. Use these scraps sparingly because they contain high amounts of sugar which can cause obesity in chickens if overfed.

Cereal grains (barley, oats) – Cereal grains are good sources of carbohydrates that provide energy for your chickens. You may give your hens one tablespoon per day of crushed cereal grain as long as it is not treated with chemicals or pesticides that may harm your chickens’ health.

Cooked rice or pasta (cooked) – Cooked rice or pasta is another source of carbohydrates that you can feed to your hens in moderation (one tablespoon per day).

Are There Any Table Scraps That You Shouldn’t Feed Your Chickens?

Yes, there are some foods that you should avoid feeding your chickens.

The following table lists the most common table scraps that you shouldn’t feed your chickens:

  • Bread and grains
  • Coffee grounds and filters
  • Cooked meats (raw or cooked)
  • Dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt)
  • Fatty foods like bacon grease and buttery sauces
  • Fish, chicken, and meat bones (cooked or uncooked)
  • Fruit seeds and pits
  • Leftover food scraps from your own dinner plate that have been sitting in the garbage can for hours


In the end, table scraps are not a necessary part of your chicken’s diet. They can be unhealthy for your chickens (and vice versa), so it is better to feed them nutritious foods that their bodies need. It is all about picking the right food for them and you will have healthy chickens for life.