How Long Do Pullets Lay Small Eggs?

If this is your first time raising backyard chickens, you may have a lot of questions. If you’re raising them for eggs, you may wonder about your pullet and how long they will lay small eggs.

So, how long do pullets lay small eggs? A pullet will typically lay small eggs until they are about 30 weeks after laying their first egg. Some breeds may take a little longer, about 40 weeks, before you start to see regular size eggs. This is generally for every breed of chickens, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The only thing you can do is wait.

What Is a Pullet?

If you’re new to raising chickens, you may wonder what the term “pullet” is.

A “Pullet” is referring to a hen that is 1 year of age or younger. Also, the hen has not started to lay any eggs yet.

If you compare a pullet to other chickens, they are no different. A pullet will have the same fluffy coats of features and move the same as older hens.

The only difference is that the pullets have not laid any eggs yet.

When the hen is close to or has laid its first egg, they are referred to as “point of lay” hens.

When Do Pullets Start To Lay Eggs?

The exact time when pullets will lay their first egg is hard to determine. There are many factors that involve such as the time of the year, environment, nutrition, stress, and breed of chicken.

However, most hens will start to lay their first egg at about 18-24 weeks of age.

When the condition is met, a hen will start to lay eggs. Be sure to provide them plenty of good nutrition food, a spacious living area, and plenty of daylight.

How Often Do Pullets Lay Eggs?

How often pullets lay eggs will depend on the breed. Once they start to lay their first egg, you can expect to see an egg daily from them.

When the pullets lay their first egg, you shouldn’t expect large eggs for a while. It can be several months before they start to lay larger eggs.

When pullets start to lay eggs, you can expect 5-7 eggs a week for the first couple of weeks.

What Size Are Pullet Eggs?

Pullet eggs will typically be half the size of regular eggs. As the pullets get older, they will get bigger and the egg size will increase as well.  The eggs will gradually increase until it’s at full size.

When an egg is about 55-60 grams in weight, it’s classified as “large” eggs.

As for pullet eggs, they will average 25-30 grams per egg. This puts the eggs in the “peewee” size of eggs.

How Long Do Pullets Lay Small Eggs For?

Pullets lay small eggs due to their body adjusting to laying eggs. The eggs will start small and will happen for several months. The eggs will eventually get larger as the pullets lay more eggs.

Typically, most chicken owners notice that pullets will start producing full-size eggs at around 30 weeks after their first egg.

However, this will vary from chicken to chicken. Some may lay larger eggs a few weeks earlier, while others will lay at the 40 weeks mark.

Can You Eat the First Egg That a Pullet Lay?

The first egg is safe as any other eggs the pullet lays.

Some people claim that the first egg has more nutrients and taste better than fully matured hen eggs.

The first egg will usually have yolks that are brighter, which makes that hold together better. This makes them perfect for frying and poaching.

How To Cook a Pullet Egg?

The pullet egg can be cooked in the same way as a normal egg. However, it’s much better to poach them, as pullet eggs tend to hold together more than normal eggs.

Besides poaching, you can boil the pullet eggs. Boil them for 3 to 4 minutes and let them cool to room temperature before eating them.


For pullets, it’s normal for them to lay small eggs. This is their body adjusting to laying eggs. As they get older, their body will increase in size and so will the eggs. You can expect your pullets to lay small eggs until around the 30-40 week mark. After that, the eggs will be their normal size.