Do Eagles Eat Chickens?

Eagles are large, powerful birds of prey. They are not normally aggressive toward humans, but their large size and sharp talons make them dangerous if they feel threatened. This large bird of prey will eat just about anything they can catch, but their diet is made up mostly of small mammals, such as rabbits and squirrels. Eagles also eat fish, insects, and other birds. Is chickens one of the prey that eagles will eat too?

Yes, eagles will eat chickens. These are opportunistic hunters and will attack and eat the chickens. Once they target a chicken, they will swoop down quickly, grab the chicken with the sharp talons and carry the chicken away to eat somewhere safe. Chicken isn’t one of their primary diets, but when food is scarce, they will hunt for chickens.

Will Eagles Attack Your Chickens?

The answer is yes, and no. Eagles will attack chickens, but it is not as common as you might think. Eagles will eat small mammals such as rabbits, squirrels, and rats. Their diet also includes fish, snakes, frogs, and other birds. They will also eat carrion if they can find it.

So why do eagles attack chickens? If a chicken is sitting in its coop with no protection from predators then it may be attacked by an eagle. If you have a rooster on your property then it too may be attacked by an eagle if it strays too far from the coop or hen house.

But when a rooster is protecting its flock then eagles will not attack. If you have a rooster who protects his flock then it’s very rare for an eagle to attack them because he will fight to protect them just like he would fight off another predator such as a hawk or fox trying to get at his flock or kill him outright!

Can An Eagle Pick Up A Chicken?

Eagles are majestic birds of prey. They’re also very large, with wingspans of up to eight feet. They hunt and kill other animals that are often much larger than they are. So the question then becomes: Can an eagle pick up a chicken?

The answer is yes — but it’s not easy. Here’s why:

Eagles have four toes on each foot and talons at the end of those toes. Their talons are about as sharp as a knife blade and can be extended out from their toes at least two inches — more like three or four in some cases.

This makes it possible for an eagle to grab a chicken by the leg or wing and carry it off if it wants to do so (and if the chicken cooperates). But this isn’t always easy for the eagle to do because most chickens tend to kick when they’re being picked up by an animal, which can cause them to struggle free before they’re eaten by their captor.

Also, because eagles have relatively small heads compared with their bodies, picking up something like a full-grown chicken with its feathers on can be difficult for them unless they’ve got it by the neck first (which they usually do).

How To Keep Eagles Away From Chickens

Chickens are one of the most popular types of poultry in North America. They are easily raised and provide eggs, meat, and even feathers for many households.

The eagle is one of the most majestic birds in nature. Eagles are also predators who hunt for their food. Many backyard chicken owners want to know how to keep eagles away from chickens so that their chickens don’t become eagle prey.

Below are some of the ways that you can keep eagles away from your chickens.

Remove Perching Opportunities

You can keep eagles away from your flock by removing perching opportunities. Eagles are primarily ground feeders, so they don’t normally nest in trees or on buildings unless they have been habituated to eating from them.

They will however land on trees and other structures to rest before continuing their hunt for food. If there is a place where they can sit and wait for an opportunity to attack your chickens, you need to take steps to remove this opportunity.

Consider A Rooster

The most effective is to keep a rooster with your flock. Roosters are natural enemies of eagles because they are large and aggressive birds themselves. The eagle will stay away from a flock if it knows there is a rooster in the area because it would rather not get into a fight with an animal as strong and powerful as itself.

Consider Guinea Hens

One of the best ways to keep eagles away from your chickens is by keeping guinea fowl around your flock. Guinea fowl are smaller than chickens, but they make loud noises when they sense danger. The noise will scare away most predators, including eagles!

Guinea fowl aren’t expensive to buy or feed, so it’s easy to add them to your flock if you already have chickens. If you don’t have any guinea fowl yet, it’s time to start looking into getting some!

Consider A Guard Animal

One way to keep eagles away from your chickens is by using guard animals like dogs or pigs. These animals may not be able to protect your flock from an attack, but they will alert you when danger approaches so that you can take action before it’s too late.

How To Keep Your Chickens Safe From Eagles

Consider The Time And Season

Eagles are most active during mating season, which is between January and March in most areas of the United States. This is when they’re looking for food and don’t have offspring to feed yet. They’re also more aggressive at this time because they’re trying to impress potential mates by hunting larger animals like deer or rabbits rather than smaller animals like mice or small birds.

Other times when an eagle may attack chickens include during the summer months when there are fewer predators around due to lower temperatures (or lack thereof), or during hunting season when hunters might accidentally shoot an eagle and leave it unable to fly away from its territory or nest site (which could be near your chicken coop).

Overhead Netting

If you have an eagle’s nest in the area and you’re concerned about your chickens’ safety, overhead netting can help.

Overhead netting is woven wire mesh that keeps birds out of your coop while allowing light and air to pass through. The fabric should be UV resistant so it doesn’t crack or fade over time. Your local feed store or garden center should carry this type of fencing material.

You can purchase pre-made netting kits that come with instructions for installation, but it’s easy enough to make your own using a few basic tools and supplies:

Wire cutters – These are needed to trim the wire mesh into shape and make the holes large enough for chicken legs (see below).

Hammer – To pound down the staples in place when attaching the sheets together.

Nails – To attach the sheets of wire together at corners.

Bushes For Cover

The best way to keep your chickens safe from eagles is to protect them with bushes and trees. Eagles tend to hunt over water, so if you have a body of water in your yard, plant a few bushes around it. This will help make it look more like a natural environment and less like an easy meal for the eagle.

Covered Runs

Eagles love to eat chickens. Your chickens will be safe in a covered run.

A covered run is simply a fenced enclosure that provides protection from the elements. You can make the enclosure out of wood or wire mesh, but it should have a roof so that it’s protected from rain, snow, and wind. Eagles have no way of getting into the enclosure unless they climb over or under it, so this will help keep them out of your flock’s reach.

If you don’t have enough room in your yard for a covered run, you can build one on your property or buy one already made online or at your local home improvement store.

Keep Your Flock Inside

Eagles prefer hunting by sight rather than scent, so they often sit on high perches until they spot something moving below that looks like dinner. Keeping your flock inside will make it easier for them to see approaching predators and protect themselves before it’s too late.


Yes, eagles will eat chickens. Eagles will scavenge for food when they can, and if you own some chickens (or are raising a small flock), you may be putting your birds at risk by not taking certain precautions to protect them.