Do Chickens Need Oyster Shell?

For many backyard chicken owners, there are a lot of things to know about raising chickens. This is especially true if you want them to stay healthy and strong. One of the thing that most people seems to wonder is if their flock need oyster shells in their diet or not.

Some people say that chickens need oyster shells to live, but others disagree. We’ll look into the facts of the matter and use mathematical modeling to determine whether or not they’re right.

What is Oyster Shell?

Oyster shells are produced by oysters, which are mollusks that have two shells attached to their bodies. The shells protect the soft body of the animal, and they also serve as a place for food storage and reproduction.

Oyster shell for chickens is an ideal choice if you are looking to provide your flock with an all-natural supplement. This is because oyster shells have a high level of calcium and low levels of phosphorus and magnesium. These minerals are important for healthy egg production in the chicken.

What Do Oyster Shells Do For Chickens?

Oyster shells are beneficial for chickens as they contain the calcium that they need. Chickens need calcium for bone health and other organs that requires calcium to function properly.

For hens, they need calcium to produce strong eggs. The eggshells are made up entirely of calcium.

If your hens don’t get enough calcium in their diet, it could cause them to have brittle bones, a weak immune system, and eggshells that are soft.

By giving your chickens oyster shells, it gives them a boost in calcium that they need.

As the oyster shells move into the chicken’s gizzard, they get dissolved. As it moves further down into the digestive tract, the body will absorb the calcium and other traces of minerals from the oyster shell.

Why Should You Give Your Chickens Oyster Shells?

One of the nutrients that chickens need on a daily basis is calcium. Without calcium, their bones will become brittle and weak. For egg-laying hens, they need calcium to lay healthy and strong eggs.

Oyster shell is a great source of calcium and other nutrients that chickens need for good health and growth. It also helps them digest their food better since the shells provide extra grit in the chicken’s gut that helps break down food particles.

Giving your chickens oyster shells will make sure that they have enough calcium in their diet as well as help them digest their food better so they can grow well.

How Do Chickens Eat the Oyster Shells?

Chickens eat oyster shells to get the calcium they need to grow strong bones. They do this by using their beaks to crack open the shells and then pick up the oyster meat with their feet.

Chickens usually start eating the oyster shells about a day after hatching and continue until they are about six weeks old. The process of eating oyster shells is very messy, so it is best to provide them with their own feeder and water source while they are doing this.

What Are The Signs My Chickens Need More Calcium?

Chicken feed that you purchase from the store will generally have a good amount of nutrition, but they don’t have enough calcium for laying hens.

If any of your chickens are not getting enough calcium in their diet, it’s easy to spot. Below are some of the signs you should look for:
Calcium is an essential component of the body’s bone strength, muscle contraction, and nerve transmission. In order to get more calcium, a chicken needs a variety of foods such as kale, carrots, and peas.

The signs that your chickens might need calcium are listlessness in the morning or during the day, difficulty in catching food or eating it, feathers hanging from their backs instead of on their bodies, and head shaking.

If your chicken’s eggshells are brittle and breaking, they may be lacking in calcium. If your hens stop incubating their eggs, they may need more calcium in their diet. If you find cracked eggs, it is a sign that the hen needs to eat more.

Chickens need calcium to grow and maintain strong bones. But what is the best way to know when they need more calcium? Find out the signs your chickens need more calcium below.

Signs your chickens may need more calcium:

  • Hens are laying smaller eggs,
  • Hens are sitting on their eggs a lot
  • Chicken spend less time foraging for food
  • Chicken seems less active

How Much Oyster Shells Should I Give My Chickens

Oyster shells are an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to provide calcium for your chickens.

Providing different amounts of oyster shells for your chickens is one of the most important factors in raising healthy chickens.

There are three main things you should consider when determining the amount you should give your birds:

The type of chicken you are raising – If you are raising broilers, you should give them more oyster shells than if you have other kinds of chickens.

The size of your flock – Smaller flocks should be given less than larger flocks.

Your budget – This is not a factor, but it does affect the cost to raise healthy chickens.

How Often Should I Feed Chickens Oyster Shells

Oyster shell nutrition is good for chickens as it has a high percentage of protein, calcium, and phosphorous. However, it is also important to ensure that you are not overfeeding your chickens. Overfeeding can cause serious problems like heartburn, respiratory infections, and bloat.

While many chickens love to eat oyster shells, it is not recommended that you should feed them too often. The shells can be dangerous for their health and can cause them to stop eating.

Therefore, it is best to feed your chickens oyster shells after every meal or two during the day if you have more than one chicken at home.

How Do You Prepare Oyster Shells For Chickens

Oyster shell preparation is a relatively easy process that can be done in less than 30 minutes. You can collect them from the shore or from a nearby restaurant or seafood spot.

The key to preparing oyster shells for chickens is to remove any pieces of seaweed, rocks, or other debris from the shells before giving them to your chickens. You should also be sure that it has no cracks or holes so that the chicken cannot get stuck inside and suffocate.

Lastly, you should soak the shell in a bowl of water with a little bit of vinegar overnight before giving it to your chickens.

Do All Chickens Need Oyster Shell?

Oyster shell is a supplement to their diet. All chickens need calcium in their diet and depending on the type of food you give them, they may not need any oyster shells at all. If the food you give them doesn’t contain enough calcium, oyster shells will need to be used. The reasons behind feeding it to your chickens are:

  • It prevents egg binding
  • Helps them lay bigger eggs
  • Promote healthy growth


Yes, chickens do need oyster shells. Chickens need oyster shells for two reasons: to add calcium to their diet and to help them digest their food. Without oyster shells, chickens can suffer from a deficiency in calcium, which can lead to health problems. Providing oyster shells to your chickens is an easy way to keep them healthy and happy!