Do Chickens Hide Their Eggs? 6 Reasons Why

Most chicken owners will typically raise chickens for the eggs. After all, who doesn’t enjoy eating fresh eggs every morning for breakfast? If one morning, you come to collect the eggs and there are none, you may wonder what happen. One of those questions is, “Do chickens hide their eggs?”

The answer is yes, they do. Chickens will hide their eggs for many different reasons. Some of the reasons include hiding their eggs from predators, there is a shortage of nesting boxes, the temperature of the coop being cold, the hen being broody, chickens being allowed to free-range, and the age of the hens.

Do Chickens Really Hide Their Eggs?

Chickens do hide their eggs. Chickens in a group will tend to search for an area that is the best place to lay their eggs and then they will choose a spot to hide them.

They will make sure there are no predators in the area to eat their eggs. Not only do chickens find the perfect spot to lay their eggs, but they also gather food and water to provide for their chicks after they hatch.

All in all, chickens don’t really hide their eggs but you can look for signs around your property that might tell you where they might have put an egg before laying another one.

Why Would Chickens Hide Their Eggs?

So, why would chickens hide their eggs? There are many reasons why they might hide their eggs from predators.


One reason could be to have their eggs closer to the nest so they can protect them faster or prevent predators from finding them while they are incubating or hatching. Another reason could be because they want to make sure a predator doesn’t eat the eggs before they can hatch and start producing new chicks themselves.

Lastly, it could be that the nesting box has been disturbed by predators and they don’t want to go back there anymore.

Shortage of Nesting Boxes

Nesting boxes are crucial for chickens to lay eggs. A shortage of nesting boxes is an issue that many chicken farmers face.

There are a few reasons why chickens might not want to lay eggs in their nests and resort to hiding their eggs in other places.

One reason could be the lack of space and comfort in the nesting box.

Another reason could be that the nesting box is too dirty or too small for them to lay eggs inside it.

Temperature Of The Coop

Chickens require a warm temperature to lay their eggs. If the inside of the chicken coop becomes too cold, the chickens may lay their eggs outside where the temperature is warmer.

Your Hens Are Broody

Sometimes, you may have a broody hen. A hen is broody when she is sitting on eggs and has a desire to hatch them. She will not leave the nest, even if she is disturbed, and she will not eat or drink.

A broody hen will usually go lay outside of the coop and hide the eggs.

Free-Range Chickens

Free-range chickens are not the same as wild chickens, who often nest on the ground or in dense vegetation. Free-range chickens are domesticated and live on farms where they are protected from predators and have a constant supply of food and water.

However, free-roaming chickens will not lay their eggs in the coop. Instead, the hen will lay them outside in the yard somewhere. The hen’s instinct is to keep her nest safe from predators and that includes hiding her eggs from them too.

Laying Hens Age

Hens will eventually start to lay fewer eggs as they get older. Once they reached a certain age, they will stop laying any eggs. This will cause you to wonder if the chicken is hiding their eggs.

Where Are The Eggs Hidden?

Most of the eggs that chickens lay are hidden in a place called the nest. The nest is a natural, hollowed out area in the ground that serves as both a home for the chicken and her eggs. This is where most of their eggs will be hidden.

Other than inside the nest, some of the eggs could be buried in the dirt or grass outside of it. If this happens, predators will find them and eat them before they get to the chicken herself.


When it comes to chickens hiding their eggs, there are many different reasons why they do it. It’s usually due to trying to protect their eggs from danger. If you’re raising chickens for their eggs, you will most likely try to prevent the chickens from hiding their eggs.