Do Chickens Eat Japanese Beetles?

Japanese beetles are small insects that carry a big threat to crops. In large numbers, they are able to destroy turf, landscape, and ornamental plants. If you have chickens, you may be wondering if they can eat this pest. After all, Japanese beetles are insects, and it’s one of the chicken’s favorite food.

Do Chickens Eat Japanese Beetles?

Like most other beetles, chickens will eat Japanese Beetles. Most insects will be something that chickens will find and eat.

In the wild, bugs make up a large bulk of the chicken’s diet. They have a good amount of nutrition, especially protein. Chickens will forage and eat as many bugs as they can find.

What Are Japanese Beetles?

Japanese Beetles are a species of beetle that is native to Japan. In the U.S., these beetles have been growing in numbers across the country. They are a great threat to crops as they are able to destroy them quickly in large numbers.

These beetles have a distinctive indecent metallic green body color. The wing is copper-colored. In length, they are about half an inch long.

Japanese beetles are like most beetles, their main diet consists of plants and crops. These insects usually feed in large groups. They can cause a lot of damage to crops and can serious problems to farmers.

Are Japanese Beetles Dangerous To Chickens?

Japanese beetles pose no threat to your chickens. They do not bite or have any toxins that can kill them.

However, like most other beetles, they spray a foul-smelling odor when they feel threatened. This odor is to deter animals from eating them. Most will leave the Japanese beetle alone once they smell the odor.

As for the chickens, the odor is harmless to them, and they will eat the beetle regardless.

How Often Can Chickens Eat Japanese Beetles?

In the wild, beetles and other insects make up the majority of their diet. For farm-raised chickens, they can be fed as many Japanese Beetles as possible.

Most chicken owners will actually set a trap to trap these beetles and feed them to their chickens. It helps give the chicken a boost in nutrition and a well-balanced diet.

However, it’s much better to let them roam freely and catch the beetles themselves. Not only will the chickens get plenty of nutrition, but they will also be active.

Since these bugs only come out during the warmer months, they can eat as many Japanese Beetles that they can find.

What Other Insects Can Chickens Eat?


Grasshoppers are high in nutrition, especially protein. If you allow your chickens to free roam, they will definitely go after one if they see it. The problem with grasshoppers is that they are very quick. As the chicken approaches them, the insect will hop or fly away quickly. However, if the chicken is able to catch one, it will make a nutritious and tasty snack for them.


Termites are rich in protein, fat, zinc, and iron. This makes them a healthy snack for chickens to eat. Once the chickens see a termite mound, they will start to peck at it until it breaks open. From there, they will peck at the termite and eat it.


Scorpions are high in protein and other nutrition. This insect has a stinger that could hurt the chicken. Fortunately, chickens are rather quick and able to move away without being stung. If the chicken sees a scorpion, it will most likely go and peck at it and eat it. Since chickens are usually in a flock, the scorpions will be no match for them.


If Japanese beetles are found in your backyard, they can be very destructive to your plants. These beetles don’t discriminate when it comes to plants, they will eat it all. By having chickens in the backyard, they will help keep the beetles under control. Not only will the chickens get plenty of nutrition, but they will also help prevent your plants from being destroyed.