Can Chickens Eat Zinnia?

Chickens are great for keeping your yard clean, but have you ever considered letting them eat zinnias? If you’re worried about your chickens doing damage to your precious flowers, worry no more! Chickens love eating zinnias. Just make sure that the flowers aren’t sprayed with chemicals and that there aren’t any pesticides in them before feeding them to your flock.

Can Chickens Eat Zinnia?

Yes, chickens can eat zinnia. Zinnia is a flower that chickens enjoy eating. Chickens will eat zinnia flowers and they are a good source of nutrition for them. In the wild, chickens would find plenty of zinnias to eat while they searched for food in the grassy meadows near their nests.

If you want to grow some zinnias so your chicken can have access to it year-round, you should know how many fruits or seeds there are in each flower first so you know how many times per day you should give him some fresh flowers (or cut off one stem per day).

Are There Any Risks For Chickens Eating Zinnias?

Chickens can eat zinnia flowers, but only in small quantities. The leaves of some varieties are safe for your flock to consume. Chickens should never eat more than 30% of their total diet from zinnias, as they’re not a very good food source for chickens.

If you choose to feed your chickens zinnias as part of their regular rotation, do so sparingly and make sure that there are plenty of other types of plant matter available for them when it’s time for dinner.

Benefits Of Feeding Zinnias To Chickens

When it comes to zinnias, there are some benefits to feeding your chickens. Below are some of the benefits:

Contains Vitamins A And C

Chickens need vitamin A for healthy skin and good vision, as well as certain enzyme systems in their body. Vitamin C is essential for the production of antibodies that fight off viruses and bacteria that cause disease.

Provides Calcium And Iron

Zinnias contain calcium and iron, which are essential for healthy egg shells and strong bones.

Helps Fight Off Diseases

Zinnia flowers contain antioxidants that help fight off diseases such as salmonellosis, coccidiosis, and histoplasmosis.

Can Baby Chickens Eat Zinnias?

Baby chicks can eat zinnias. They are a good source of protein and fat, which baby chickens need to grow strong.

Zinnia flowers are not toxic for baby chickens, so you can feel safe giving them to your flock without worrying about possible side effects from eating too much of this flower or any other petals from this plant.

How To Feed Zinnias To Chickens

Zinnia flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but they’re also a nutritious treat for chickens. If you have an abundance of zinnias in your garden and want to share them with your flock, here’s how to feed them:

  • Feed the flowers whole rather than chopping them up. Chickens will enjoy crunching through the stems and leaves as they eat their fill.
  • Use them sparingly as treats or as part of a regular diet. While zinnias are high in protein and calcium just like other bird foods, overfeeding can cause bloating issues for chickens. Try offering about 1/4 cup of zinnia flowers per chicken during mealtime every day or two if you’re looking for an occasional treat!

How Often Can Chickens Eat Zinnias?

Chickens can eat zinnias, but you should only give them the flowers a few times per week. If you feed them too much at one time or too frequently, they might get diarrhea or other digestive issues.

As with most plants and foods for chickens, moderation is key to making sure your flock stays healthy!


So, can chickens eat zinnias? The answer is yes! Just make sure they’re not sprayed with pesticides and remember to avoid treating them with chemicals. If you want your chickens to have a healthy diet that includes these flowers, then make sure they’re organic or at least treated with natural pesticides like neem oil.