Can Chickens Eat Thyme?

Thyme herb is a perennial herb that is native to the Mediterranean region. It is also known as common thyme or garden thyme. The herb grows in clumps and has grayish-green leaves. The flowers are white and can be seen from summer to autumn. It has a strong flavor and can be used in cooking, medicine, and various other ways.

While thyme is safe for humans to eat, you may wonder if your chickens can eat them as well.

Yes, chickens can eat thyme. You can feed them fresh or dried thyme. This herb offers plenty of health benefits for chickens since it contains antibacterial and antibiotic properties. Thyme is also useful around the chicken coop as well. Leaving them around the coop will help repel insects and other pests.

Is Thyme Safe For Your Chickens?

There are different opinions about the safety of feeding thyme to chickens. Some people say that thyme is safe for your chickens as long as it is used in moderation and not in large quantities.

In contrast, some people believe that thyme could be toxic to your chickens and may cause damage to their internal organs.

The truth is, if you use thyme in moderation, then it would be safe for your chickens. However, if you use too much thyme or other herbs and spices in a day, they could have an adverse effect on the health of your chickens.

You should always use a little bit of thyme with caution because it can have a negative impact on the health of your chickens. You should also avoid using too much thyme because it could be dangerous for them to eat too much at any given time.

Why Chickens Won’t Eat Thyme

The answer to the question is quite simple – thyme has a very strong and pungent smell. That means the chickens won’t eat anything that has a strong smell such as thyme.

To get them to eat thyme, most chicken owners will mix the herb with other foods that they like.

What Are The Possible Benefits Of Feeding Your Chicken Thyme?

One of the benefits of feeding your chickens thyme is that it adds flavor to their diet. In addition, thyme is a plant rich in antioxidants that can help with various health conditions.

Additionally, thyme is thought to have antiseptic properties that can help fight off an infection.

Thyme can assist with digestion and help prevent constipation in chickens.

How To Prepare Thyme For Your Chickens

Feeding your chickens thyme will not harm them, and it will help them to grow more healthily. If you have a small flock of chickens that are healthy, you can use thyme as a way to make their diet more nutritious.

You can either feed your chickens either fresh or dried thyme. Both contain the same amount of nutrition. However, dried thyme can be stored and fed to the chickens year-round.

There are many different ways you can provide your chickens with thyme in their feed. Some people put thyme into their chicken feed, which makes the food taste better for the birds.

Others will add it to their drinking water. Make sure to change the water regularly to keep your birds hydrated if they don’t like drinking water that has been pre-treated with thyme.

How Often Should You Feed Your Chickens Thyme?

Delicious and nutritious, thyme is often added to chicken feed to make it more nutritious. So, how often should you feed your chickens thyme? The answer is not very often, because the risk of overfeeding thymes to chickens can cause them digestive problems.

This herb can cause diarrhea when it is fed to them too much. In some cases, it can be fatal for them.

To prevent your chickens from getting diarrhea from eating thyme, feed them a small amount of thyme, once or twice per week.


Chickens love to eat thyme because it not only provides them with essential nutrients, but it helps enhance the flavors of their food. If you are in the market for new food for your chickens, thyme is a safe option for them.