Can Chickens Eat Lavender? Stress Reducer

Lavender is a popular herb to grow in the garden. If you own backyard chickens, you may wonder if your chickens can lavender.

Can chickens eat lavender? Yes, chickens can eat lavender. Fresh lavender has a very strong smell to it, which most chickens won’t go near. In order for them to eat the herb, you will need to dry them out first. This will help remove some of the scents from it. Then crush the lavender and mix it in with their treats or feed.

Is Lavender Safe For Your Chickens?

Lavender doesn’t contain any toxin, so it’s safe for your chickens to eat. Chickens will not eat fresh lavender due to its strong smell. You’ll have to dry them first to remove some smell from the herb.

Most of the time, the oil from the lavender is extracted to make essential oil. This oil should be used for skin issues such as wounds and cuts.

The oil can also be given to them to ingest, but only in small quantities. Too much of it will harm the chicken.

Health Benefits Of Lavenders For Chickens

Lavender has some nutrients that the chickens can benefit from. The herb has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes them popular to use to heal wounds and prevent them from spreading.

Below are some health benefits your chickens will get from using lavender:

Lavender helps relieve stress. Chickens that are kept in the coop or confined to a small space will experience stress. To help prevent stress and lessen anxiety, you can use lavender to help them. Either by giving them lavender to eat or placing it around the coop.

Lavender increases blood circulation. This herb is beneficial for chickens, especially egg-laying hens. The hens will spend most of their time sitting on the eggs, which makes them not very active. This will cause their blood to move slowly throughout their body.

By giving the hens some lavender to eat, it will help with blood circulation.

Can Baby Chickens Eat Lavender?

Baby chickens can eat lavender, but you’ll need to dry them first. Chicks won’t eat fresh lavender due to its strong-smelling odor.

Once it’s dried, you can crush the lavender and sprinkle them over their feed and treats.

Can Chickens Eat Lavender Leaves And Stems?

Yes, chickens can eat the leaves and stems of the lavender plant. Due to their strong smell, you’ll need to dry them out first before giving them to your chickens. Otherwise, they will just leave it alone due to the strong smell that the lavender gives off.

After it’s dried, crush them into pieces and mix them with their food.

Can I Use Lavender Oil On My Chickens?

Yes, you can use lavender oil on the chickens. This essential oil is great for treating open wounds and sores.

Simply place some lavender oil onto your finger and rub it gently on the wounds and sores.

Repeat the process once a day until the wounds heal.

How To Feed Lavender To Your Chickens

When it comes to feeding them lavender, there’s only one method of doing so. Lavender has a very strong smell, and it’s one of the strongest smelling herbs in the world.

For that reason, chickens will not eat them fresh. This means either in the garden or cutting fresh lavender to feed them. The chickens will just turn away from it.

To get the chickens to eat lavender, you’ll have to dry it out first. Doing so will remove some of the scents from the herb. Then crush them into smaller pieces. On their treats or feed, sprinkle the dried lavender over them.

Other Herbs That Chickens Can Eat


Basil is a herb that has a lot of benefits for the chickens. It’s a good source of protein and contains fiber, vitamin K, and iron. These nutrients support immune system health and improve digestion.

Basil is also good for helping repel insects. Place fresh basil all around the coop to keep mosquitos, flies, and other pests away.


Cilantro is rich in vitamin A and K, and a good source of antioxidants. This herb is excellent for natural bone support. You can feed them the cooked or raw cilantro.


Mint is a herb that’s popular to grow indoors and outdoors. Chickens can benefit a lot from this herb. Mint is a good source of antioxidants and helps improve digestion. This herb can be put around the chicken coop to repel some insects and pests.


Lavender is a herb that’s not only popular in the garden, but it’s great to use around the chicken coop as well. The strong smell will help deter insects and pests from coming into the coop. Also, lavender helps lessen anxiety and stress for the chickens.