Can Chickens Eat Beetroot Leaves?

When it comes to beetroot, most people will eat the root part of the plant and toss away the leaves. Since the leaves seem edible, you may wonder if you can feed them to your chickens.

Yes, chickens can eat beetroot leaves. It contains many nutrients that your chickens can beenfit from. While the leaves are nutritous, they also contain a high amount of oxalates, which is a toxin that can harm your chickens. To avoid any harmful effects from beetroot leaves, only feed your chickens in moderation.

Is Beetroot Leaves Safe For Chickens?

Beetroot leaves are safe for chickens in small amounts. Chickens can eat beetroot leaves, but they should be limited to a small amount. Chickens need calcium and other minerals to keep their eggshells strong, and the leaves contain oxalic acid, which can lower their ability to absorb calcium.

If you’re going to give your chicken beetroot leaves, make sure they don’t have any other sources of oxalic acid in their diet. Oxalic acid is found in many plants and other foods, including spinach, broccoli, nuts, and seeds. Too much of it can cause problems like lowered egg production and calcium deficiency.

Chickens should only eat a few handfuls of beetroot leaves at once because they can get diarrhea if they eat too much at once.

Benefits Of Beetroot Leaves For Chickens

Beetroot leaves are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including:

Vitamin A: This helps improve eyesight, strengthen the immune system and keep skin healthy. It also aids growth in babies and children.

Vitamin C: This antioxidant helps prevent cell damage caused by free radicals, which can lead to heart disease and cancer.

Folate (folic acid): This B vitamin regulates cell growth and reproduction, supports brain function, improves mental health, and prevents birth defects such as spina bifida.

Manganese and copper: These two minerals help processes such as protein synthesis and energy production in the body’s cells.

Can Baby Chickens Eat Beetroot Leaves?

Baby chickens can eat beetroot leaves, but only a small amount. If you put too much beetroot in their diet, baby chicks will become ill and die.

Beetroot leaves are good for chicks because they contain a lot of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that help them grow strong and healthy.

You can give your baby chickens beetroot leaves on their own or mixed with other food items like wheatgrass, clover, and grasses.

Can Chickens Eat Beetroots?

Beetroots are a great food for chickens, but they must be cooked before feeding them to your chickens. Raw beetroots contain oxalic acid which can be harmful to your chickens.

There are several ways that you can cook beetroots for your chickens:

Boil – Boiling beetroots is the most common way to cook them before feeding them to your chickens. You simply need to wash the dirt off of them, cut off the ends, cut them into cubes or slices and boil them until soft enough for serving to your chickens. You can add a little bit of salt if desired while boiling them as well.

Roast – Roasting is another way that you can cook beetroots before feeding them to your chickens as long as they are small enough so that they will roast evenly without burning on one side while undercooked on another side due to being too large.

How Do You Prepare Beetroot Leaves For Your Chickens

Beetroot leaves are a great addition to your chickens’ diet and they contain lots of minerals and vitamins that are essential for good health.

When feeding beetroot leaves, always make sure that you pick them from an area where there are no pesticides or herbicides sprayed as these will harm your chickens.

Also, make sure that the leaves are free from any debris or soil because this can make your chickens ill.

If you’re going to use them fresh, rinse them under cold running water and then pat dry with paper towels before feeding them to your chickens.

You can also freeze them for later use by wrapping them tightly in freezer bags or placing them in an airtight container with a little moisture at the bottom (this will help prevent wilting). When freezing, try not to leave any air pockets in the bags/container as this will cause contamination when defrosting.

How Often Can Chickens Eat Beetroot Leaves?

Chickens love beetroot leaves, and they are a good source of vitamins and minerals. However, too much of a good thing can be bad for your chickens.

Beetroot leaves contain high levels of oxalic acid, which is toxic to poultry if eaten in large quantities. Oxalic acid binds with calcium in the gastrointestinal tract, making it unavailable to the body. This can cause problems with laying hens, as well as stunted growth in chicks.

The leaves also contain tannins which can cause digestive upsets as well as make egg yolks darker in color.

Chickens should only be allowed to eat beetroot leaves sparingly and should not have access to them all year round.


Beetroot leaves are safe for chickens to eat, but only in moderation. Feeding them the leafy greens provide many benefits for your chickens and will keep them healthy. When feeding them beetroot leaves, make sure it fresh and free of pesticides.