Why Is My Chicken Screaming? 5 Reasons Why

Chicken makes all kinds of noise. Making noise is their way of expressing themselves and communicating with other chickens. Sometimes, they make a noise that is very annoying to hear. Chickens will scream from time to time. Those who never heard their chicken screaming will be shocked and annoyed at the same time.

So, why is my chicken screaming? Chickens are typically quiet animals. If they start to make a lot of noise, especially screaming, it usually means a problem. There are six possible reasons which include laying eggs, feeling threatened, communication with other chickens, health issues, nesting box problems, or just their personality.

Why Is My Chicken Screaming?

Screaming is not the typical sound that a chicken makes. It’s rare for them to scream and if they do scream, it usually means a problem.

Below are the six common reasons why your chicken is screaming:

1. They Feel Threatened

Chickens will usually stay in a large group for safety. Whether they are in the wild or living on the farm, they will scream when they sense danger.

If you notice that one or more of your chickens is screaming, this means something is making them feel uncomfortable.

Chickens are at the bottom of the food chain. For that reason, they have a lot of predators that include foxes, raccoons, minks, hawks, and snakes.

Also, your other pets may also make them feel threatened. While cats and dogs are domesticated, they do still enjoy eating chickens.

2. Communication With Each Other

Chickens usually don’t scream at each other. They will usually make noise such as “cluck-cluck” and “chuck-chuck”. These are the normal noise you probably hear often.

However, when there’s a problem between each other, the noise may escalate to more of a scream. This can be due to another chicken invading their space, or they are not happy being around other chickens.

3. Health Issues

Chickens are at the bottom of the food chain and one thing chickens do very well is concealing their health problems. A sick or injured chicken is an easy meal for a predator, and so they will try to act as normal as possible.

Sometimes, the pain may be too much for them that they will scream. Try looking for any injury around their body. Also, check the way they walk to see if they are walking normally.

If you can’t seem to find out what’s wrong with your chicken, it’s best to take them to a veterinarian that specializes in poultry.

4. Chicken Personality

Every chicken has their own different personality. Some chickens are very chicken and will not make any noise. They will normally go about their business quietly.

On the other hand, some chickens are very noisy. They like to make a lot of sound at whatever they are doing. If you notice this in your chicken, keep an eye on them to see if that’s normal, or it could be something else.

However, it’s unlikely a chicken will ever scream throughout the day. It’s usually caused by something in their environment.

If the screaming is a couple of times per day, and you see no reason for it, it’s usually how they are.

5. Nesting Box Problems

When it comes to chicken, these animals need a nesting box to rest each night. If there is not enough space for them, they may start to scream.

If it’s during the evening or at night and a scream is heard from their coop, it usually means there is a problem with their nesting boxes.

A broody chicken will usually make the most noise. If she has a hard time finding a place to sleep or the nesting box is uncomfortable, she may start to scream.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to have at least one box for every 3 hens.

How Do You Stop a Chicken From Screaming?

Most backyard chickens will spend their day foraging for food, sleeping under a shady bush, and doing things quietly. Occasionally, your chicken will start to get loud and screaming.

One way to stop a chicken from screaming to train them. It’s similar to training a dog but requires less time. Once you start to train them and after a while, they’ll know that screaming is not something that they should do.

All you need is a spray bottle filled with water. Every time that the chicken scream, tell it to stop and spray them with the water.

Most chickens will learn quickly to stop this behavior once they are sprayed with water a couple of times.

If you get a chicken that’s stubborn and won’t stop screaming after you spray them endlessly, you’ll need to try something else. Another method is to use a garden hose.

You’ll need a couple of hours training them, but it will be worth the time. Every time the chicken is screaming, spray them with the garden hose. Follow them around and keep spraying them when they scream. After a while, they’ll know not to scream anymore. Some chickens may take a couple of hours, while others will take a day or two. The key to stopping them from screaming is persistence.


As you can see, the chicken will rarely scream. If they do, it usually means there’s a problem. The best thing to do is figure out what the issue is. If you conclude that it’s just their personality, simply use the method above to stop them from screaming.