What Are Baby Peacocks Called?

Peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds in the world. They are also known as peafowl, peahens, and blue peacocks. The females are smaller than the males and have a brownish-gray color. The males, on the other hand, have blue feathers with a white tail and crest.

If you are planning on raising baby peacocks, you may wonder what they are called.

What Are Baby Peacocks Called?

Baby peacocks are called peafowl chicks. They are called peacock chicks because they are not yet mature enough to be called a peacock.

The peafowl chick is a baby male or female peafowl. Baby male and female peafowl are raised by their parents until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

How Long Do Baby Peacocks Stay With Their Mother?

Baby peacocks stay with their mother for up to three months. The male peacock stays with his mother for about two months.

The female peacock lays her eggs in a nest on the ground and then leaves them there. She does not take any part in raising the babies, but she does make sure that they are safe from predators by keeping watch over them.

When baby peahens hatch out of their eggs, they are covered in bright blue or green feathers. Their eyes are open and they can walk around right away. Peahen chicks leave the nest after two weeks but stay near their mother until they are about three months old.

Male peafowls begin developing their long tails in late summer when they turn two months old. They will have full plumage by four months old and will be ready to breed by five months old if they have not already started breeding before then.

How Long Do Peafowl Eggs Take to Hatch?

Baby peacocks hatch from eggs about two months after being laid by the mother. Most peafowl chicks are born in the spring, but some species lay eggs year-round. After hatching, baby peacocks stay with their parents for about two months before they start to do things on their own.

It takes about four years for them to reach sexual maturity and begin mating with other birds of their species. The life span of a peafowl varies depending on the species but usually ranges between 15 and 20 years in captivity.

What Do Peachicks Eat?

Peachicks are fed a diet consisting of high-quality commercial pelleted chicken feed or game bird starter crumbles and water. They should also receive grit (small stones) to help them digest food by grinding it up in their gizzard. Grit can be purchased at most feed stores or pet stores.

How Much Should Peachicks Eat?

A good rule of thumb is to feed your baby peafowl only as much food as they can eat in about 5 minutes each day until they reach about 6 weeks old. At this point, start feeding them once or twice per day until they reach 8 weeks old, and then switch over to free-choice feeding where you leave food available 24/7 for them to eat whenever they want it (so long as there is always fresh water available).

When Do Baby Peacocks Get Their Feathers?

Baby peacocks are born with a lot of feathers, but they are still pretty small. They have to grow a lot before they get their beautiful colors and patterns.

Baby peacocks start getting their feathers when they are about 6 weeks old. They have some downy feathers on their backs at first, but they will lose those as they grow larger.

At around 2 months old, baby peacocks will start developing their secondary feathers, which are spread out all over the body (see picture). These are the ones that give them their beautiful colors and patterns.

How Long Does It Take for Peacocks to Mature?

Peacocks can reach maturity within a year or two depending on their breed and habitat conditions. When they reach maturity, they will start breeding and laying eggs from spring through early summer. Usually, they lay up to 4-8 eggs per year but only one or two chicks will survive because their nests get raided by predators like raccoons or snakes.

Do You Need a Male and Female Peafowl to Get Chicks?

Male and female peafowl are not necessary to get chicks. Peafowl can be bred successfully by incubating the eggs and then hand-rearing the chicks. However, it is much easier to raise a chick that has been hatched from an egg than one that has been hand-reared.

If you have a male and female peafowl, the female will lay anywhere from three to 12 eggs per year. The eggs take about 28 days to hatch depending on their size. It is important to note that once an egg is laid, it cannot be moved or handled because this can cause damage to its shell and affect the hatching process.

After about one month of incubation, your peahens will begin calling for their chicks. She will use this call as a way of communicating with her babies when they are ready to leave the nest box after they have hatched.

The male will also help feed his chicks until they are old enough to eat on their own by regurgitating food into their mouths once every two days or so until they are about 15 weeks old.


As you can see, baby peacocks are called peafowl chicks. Once they have matured, they will either be called a peacock (male peacock) or peahen (female peacock).