Can Chickens Eat Brown Rice?

There are many types of rice available on the market. One of them is brown rice. This rice has a higher nutrition value than white rice. If you have backyard chickens, you may wonder if they can eat brown rice.

Can chickens eat brown rice? Yes, chickens can eat brown rice. Since brown rice contains many essential nutrients, it is suitable for chickens, especially broilers. You can feed your chickens either cooked or uncooked brown rice.

Is Brown Rice Safe For Chickens?

You can safely feed either cooked or uncooked brown rice to your chickens. Raw rice is healthier and cheaper than cooked rice, which makes it an ideal addition to your chicken feeding regimen.

If you add cooked brown rice to their dry pellets, it will make boost the nutrition value of the feed.

Also, ensure that you give them fresh grains rather than stale ones. You should remember that a well-fed bird is likely to live a long and healthy life span.

Is It Healthy For Chickens To Eat Brown Rice?

Brown rice is generally quite digestible and contains a high nutritional value. Brown rice is higher in nutrients than other types of rice, and they are much lower in fat. This means that the less fatty you add to your chickens’ feed, the more healthy they will be.

Chickens enjoy eating brown rice, so adding it to their diet will keep them healthy.

You may occasionally see a veterinarian that encourages you to feed your birds on a healthy diet of these products. However, in general, you shouldn’t worry too much about them and many even enjoy these as well.

Can Baby Chickens Eat Brown Rice?

Because it provides necessary vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are not found in dry grains like wheat or corn, brown rice is a good choice for them. Baby chickens especially need protein and these types of nutrients because they grow very quickly. Because of this, you want to avoid giving them a diet that is high in carbohydrates.

If you give your baby chickens uncooked rice, they will get the needed protein but at the same time, they will be getting essential vitamins and minerals that they would normally get from other types of feeds. Feeding baby chickens brown rice will help them develop strong immune systems.

How Do You Feed Brown Rice To Your Chickens

When it comes to feeding brown rice to your chickens, you can either give them cooked or uncooked.

The first method is to toss the brown rice onto the ground. The chickens will peck at and eat the rice. It’s best to use uncooked rice when doing this. Cooked rice is a bit sticky, and it could stick to dirt and other debris when you toss them on the ground.

The second method is to mix the brown rice with other food. Most chicken owners like to mix the rice with chicken feed. This will give additional nutrition to the feed. For this method, you can use both cooked and uncooked brown rice.

How Many Brown Rice Should You Feed Your Chickens?

The first thing that you should keep in mind when you are looking at how to feed brown rice to chickens is how much feed to give them daily. This is not something that you just calculate once and there it remains.

Each and every chicken will require between six and ten grains a day, depending upon their age and their activity level. Thus, you should divide the total number of grains in half.

It is important to know how much to feed because the quality of the rice is not as important as the quantity of it. If you do not give enough grains to the chickens, they may not be able to gain enough nutrients and minerals from the rice for them to survive and grow healthily.

However, you should also ensure that the birds do not go without food, as they will certainly become malnourished and die.

How Often Should You Feed Brown Rice To Your Chickens?

Chickens are very active little birds, and they love to explore all kinds of new things. Since they have no dietary restrictions, you can feed them every day if you want.  Just make sure you give brown rice to them in small amounts at each feeding.

If you do feed them brown rice every day, ensure that your chickens get the right amount of chicken feed each day as well.

It is good to mix different treats so that they can get different types of nutrients. You should also remember that feeding them too frequently can cause them to become overweight and suffer from malnutrition.

Other Grains That Chickens Can Eat


Quinoa is a superfood that’s packed with nutrition. It’s a good source of antioxidants, fiber, and iron. You can feed your chickens either cooked or uncooked quinoa.

Alfalfa Meal

Alfalfa meal is a good source of protein and also has traces of minerals. During the winter, an alfalfa meal makes great food for them.


Barley makes a tasty and nutritious treat for chickens. You can feed them either raw or uncooked barley.


Brown rice has more nutrients than other rice varieties, so it makes a healthy food to feed your chickens. You can feed them either cooked or uncooked brown rice. They will enjoy whichever you choose to feed them.